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January 8, 2015

Hey guys … I hope 2015 is already treating you very well!

Three items of note for this coming weekend —

1) You may recall that Karissa St. Clair, one of several recent SCSC summer interns (along with her ministry partner Daniel Lovelace) served alongside our church in ministry throughout the Colton area much of the summer of 2013. But did you know, however, that Karissa then traveled around the country last summer with the SCSC musical group (Stained Glass) or that she will be leading us in praise and worship this Saturday, January 10, at our 11 am service?


2) Those who are ready for a short break in our ongoing (some might endearingly use the term “drawn out”) series thru the Gospel of John will be glad to hear that we will be taking a short hiatus and the pulpit will be filled this Saturday by my son, Matthew. Where is George going? Nowhere, actually. I’ll be pleased to worship with my family and the rest of the congregation for a change. And pleased as well to hear Matthew once again share additional insights from Scripture. I always come away blessed by what God touches his heart with.

3) Quite a while ago, I noticed my 7-year-old granddaughter, Gabriella, writing notes in church during my sermons. I was, admittedly, somewhat taken back that she would be doodling during the messages! I also have to admit being both rightfully embarrassed and proud when I discovered that she was involved in her very own ministry … crafting handwritten notes of encouraging words she would then strategically distribute after the service.

Many worshippers, both guests and regulars, have commented on how touched they were by her heartfelt (and unedited) goodwill messages … messages which always admonish their readers to study their bibles and get closer to Jesus. I know of at least two guests who kept returning to Maranatha, in part, due to Gabbie’s “note ministry”.

I am asking everyone, but especially those who have ever been on the receiving end of Gabbie notes, to consider writing their own short notes of encouragement … but to her this time. I’d like for us to present them to her at the end of this next service.

If you will not be able to join us on Saturday (did I mention that Matthew and Karissa will be leading the worship service this week? ) … can you at least email me your note by Friday evening and I will print it out to share with her? The more notes the better as they will hopefully serve to remind her how those seemingly insignificant notes have touched so many lives.

I hesitated (briefly) to recognize her publicly like this … I mean, she is my granddaughter, after all. However, I sincerely want to encourage anyone and everyone at Maranatha to use whatever gifts and resources God has presented them with to share His good news with others. The fact that she’s my granddaughter only makes me even more proud than I already am as her pastor.

So, don’t forget … Matthew and Karissa will be leading the service, and we’ll be presenting Gabriella with her very own notes of encouragements, this Saturday. I hope you will consider joining us!

Don’t forget your many blessings!

Pastor George