One of the main ways the grace of the gospel grows deep in God’s people is through their commitment to the local church. The New Testament clearly teaches the importance of this commitment.

This commitment is for the good of the whole church. It is a commitment of love for one another in the body of Christ that involves building one another up with the Word, praying for one another, gathering regularly to worship together, giving to and caring for one another, serving one another and using our spiritual gifts, and partnering in evangelism and missions.

This commitment is also for the good of the individual believer, who not only is ministered to by other committed brothers and sisters, but is also held accountable by them. Those who profess faith in the gospel are called to live lives that are consistent with the gospel. By committing to a local church a believer is asking the church to affirm their profession of faith and hold them accountable to living a life that is consistent with that profession. This is for the good of the local church, the individual believer, our witness in the world, and ultimately for the glory of God.

Church membership is a covenant commitment to the local church, which is a faithful application to the many things believers are called to do and be as we seek to love God, love his people, and lovingly reach the world for Christ. You can check out our covenant here: MCC Church Covenant

If you have more questions about membership at Maranatha, watch for the next offering of Closer Look. This 4-week class is offered quarterly and will walk through what membership means at Maranatha, what we believe, and an overview of our small group ministry.